Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hope Church Brisbane 16th Anniversary!


Finally last Saturday came our church anniversary... It was really a long waited one as it was my 1st attending it and also performing in it! This year the venue was smaller than the previous year, which was in Garden City Church where Hillsongs have their service.. This time around we had it in Canonhill Anglican Church, large theatre, small stage ><

I arrived noon to have rehearsals with the dance team.. And I can tell you it was so tiring having to rehearse again and again... But I just love to perform and the excitement just kept me going all the way.... Before the performance, the girls we putting on their make up and we guys couldnt run away but just had to put on make up as well..... T.T 1st time having eye liner and a lil blush on my face and I totally look like a clown.... ><

Our opening performance was by our Worship Arts and Media (WAM) dance team and I can tell you i enjoyed performing here... The amount of people were there cheering and giving you support, tremendous feeling... all glory to God! Funny thing I did a jump split and i tore my pants in the middle... One big hole.... O.o Spot the split!

After that, every service had an opportunity to present something to represent each services.. The performances were chosen based on the best previous events that happened earlier this year. We, afternoon service did a dance in the multicultural fiesta! and it was such a big hit they asked us to perform again... This time round one of our dancers went back to Hong Kong, so we asked Becky to replace her and she's just amazing... And! this time the performance went really well, I can really tell people enjoyed our performance.. Im so proud of myself and Joe for we did the choreo, and proud that my music edits made it right up there! Its just amazing how God led His hands and use us to glorify Him... Amen!

I just cant wait to perform again! and next is the Hope Brisbane Got Talent, we auditioned last Sunday, me and Joe... Basically we did quirky stuff, juggling, ballet, nobody but you and they loved it! We are going to perform in the Afternoon Service Appreciation Dinner and Im so extremely excited... =) Definitely more to come... Cheers!

WAM dance team