Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Caroling in CH

-LJ Wong-
WooHoo! Christmas. What a Joy to celebrate it in CH, unlike last year where my family spent christmas on a plane back from Australia :| Haha

24th Dec 8:00 pm : Caroling night! Luckily I got the keyboard fixed in time. Heh

Audrey and I before we started. Take a good look at this picture cuz u will seldom find Audrey in a skirt and in heels :)

This is my family in one of the hotels we were singing in.

This was unbelievable! We sang at a Japanese restaurant in the Cameron Highlands Resort. Not many people there to listen but we all had fun!

There's the whole motly crew from all souls church CH, at "Ye Olde Smokehouse"

Basically we only sang in 3 hotels. We also caroled in a hospital and a Rumah Kanak - kanak Istimewa on the 18th.

24th Dec 10 : 30 pm: In All Souls Church for the midnight service.

For the past two years, the youths of CH have formed a band to play before the midnight service starts, while the guest arrived.

This year we had Steffie on the violin, Audrey on the drums, Steffie's brother on the sop sax, and me on the klavier. We played Christmas songs in a completely jazz style!

Before the service began, Lo and Behold, look who came!

Yep, Daniel Mohan (from camp if u dont remember :p) and his family visited CH, and yes without telling audrey or me ('',) They came 24th and went back on christmas morn, so we didnt spend much time with them.

The Christmas eve service was great, but my camera was a bit sleepy, thats y the pictures came out a bit blur ('',)

Here are some other pictures.

"Christmas isn't Christmas till its Christmas in your heart.
Somewhere deep inside you is where Christmas really starts.
So give your heart to Jesus, you'll discover when you do,
that its Christmas, really chrsitmas for you."

And so, this is the Christmas report from CH, peace out, God Bless!


bout my PMR!!!! result.... (it suks!!!)

wene june~~

yo!!! almost cried whn i got my results... haizz... sounds nice 7 A's u knw!!!! but... 1 D!!!!


i seriously can't accept it!!! haizz

Monday, December 29, 2008

The Great Juggler


Well in a few days time, the Chinese Equipping Course will be held in my church... 19 youths from around malaysia coming to stay for 1 month.. SO during this period of time, I have been wandering what activities to plan for them....

And finally decided to teach them juggling....

Well I cant just teach them juggling for no reason... So I decided to look up the net and I found a blog which tells the top 10 benefits of learning to juggle...

SO here it is, the top 10 benefits of learning to juggle:

1. Juggling is great aerobic exercise. It’s certainly more fun than one of those stupid elliptical machines. You’re more apt to keep at it.

2. Juggling improves your hand-eye coordination. This will be useful in other sports like kickball, softball, and volleyball.

3. Juggling makes you ambidextrous. Very useful if you ever break your arm.

4. Juggling keeps you warm. As long as you don’t sweat too much.

5. Juggling improves balance. Before I learned to juggle I couldn’t even ride a unicycle. But I can now!

6. Juggling improves motor skills. Catching, throwing, hand-eye coordination are all improved with juggling.

7. Juggling improves your rhythm. I can tell you what a great dancer I’ve become since learning to juggle.

8. Juggling relieves stress. Work or life getting you down? Just juggle it right out. Juggling requires concentration and this will help you forget about your troubles.

9. Juggling makes you smarter. At least juggling can make your brain bigger according to this study. XD

10. Juggling gives a a sense of accomplishment. There are always new challenges in juggling. New patterns, new equipment. When you want to get an ego boost, learn a new juggling trick. It’s incredibly satisfying

So, in conclusion, JUGGLE....

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Spending Christmas with everyone


St. Marks Church Butterworth Youths..

Wishing all of you MERRY CHRISTMAS(even though it's late)


Thursday, December 25, 2008

bLeSsEd ChRiStMaS!


Dearest children of joy and happiness!..lol..everyone's proly out celebrating, carolling, partying, Christmas services, etc..

well my blessedest wishes to all of u and ur families..have a veryvery merry and joyful Christmas!..it aint santa's birthday, not rudolph's nor frosty the snowman's. But our dearest and previous FATHER & FRIEND..

i just came back from carolling and Christmas eve service. rather cold and chilly here. Good Christmas atmosphere..harhar..cant wait for the big dinner!!..hope u guys are enjoying this time as much or even more than i am..

so have fun. eat lots. u can diet later. =]. sing & dance 4 the Lord. boohyar!..

love audrey!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Da doo-doo-mmm, just dance


It has been a really busy week, and its now christmas eve.. The eve dinner yday was a success and I was really proud with my student's drum presentation.. Despite being 1st time on stage, in front of 300 people, they presented well and Im so proud of my kids...
3/4 of the audience yday was non christians and Im just happy that they stayed to listen to the invited speaker... I thought they would leave by then bt to my surprise they find the story interesting...

Well no christmas eve service and I knw u guys out there are having one... So have a good one and Ill be waiting for christmas in front of my laptop... =P Alone actually... I was trying to prove to people that its nt xmas bt christmas, bt then i guess i offended someone and oh well, I'll b alone now...

Merry Christmas everyone...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Jesus is better than Santa!


Just something to think about during this holiday season =)

Santa lives at the North Pole.
JESUS is everywhere.

Santa rides in a sleigh
JESUS rides on the wind and walks on the water.

Santa comes but once a year
JESUS is an ever present help.

Santa fills your stockings with goodies
JESUS supplies all your needs.

Santa comes down your chimney uninvited
JESUS stands at your door and knocks.. and then enters your heart.

You have to stand in line to see Santa
JESUS is as close as the mention of His name.

Santa lets you sit on his lap
JESUS lets you rest in His arms.

Santa doesn't know your name, all he can say is "Hi little boy or girl, What's your name?"
JESUS knew our name before we did. Not only does He know our name, He knows our address too. He knows our history and future and He even knows how many hairs are on our heads.

Santa has a belly like a bowl full of jelly
JESUS has a heart full of love.

All Santa can offer is HO HO HO
JESUS offers health, help and hope.

Santa says "You better not cry"
JESUS says "Cast all your cares on me for I care for you.

Santa's little helpers make toys
JESUS makes new life, mends wounded hearts, repairs broken homes and builds mansions.

Santa may make you chuckle but
JESUS gives you joy that is your strength.

While Santa puts gifts under your tree
JESUS became our gift and died on the tree.

It's obvious there is really no comparison.
We need to remember WHO Christmas is all about.
We need to put Christ back in Christmas.

Jesus is still the reason for the season!!!

Blessed Christmas everyone!!! =D

Little Man you've had a busy day....


Hello!! I had to blog this because it was an extremely awesome day.... 20th of December a group of OSC youth's or Salak South's church youths came down for a visit in our church.. So we brought them and some of our young youths to Gua Tempurung!! It was my 1st time though and I tell u it was really awesome!! 1st when we started the cave route, they showed us a few stalagmites other things which resembles something.. FOr example there was a dragon, a pregnant lady, a picture of mona lisa and so many others!! It looks real and interesting.... there was even a breast statue... XD

And then comes the wetty part... XD we had to go through holes, slide down stones, crawl under stalagmites and squeeze through small routes!!! It was worth the money and I really enjoyed the atmosphere... I dont wan to stay there though coz its really scarry...

me and Pastor Raymond Lai

Shuffle in the cave!!

Later we had to rush back to go to Ulu Slim where orang asli's live there... I was surprised by the number of christians there... All orang asli christians are supposed to gather in thier hall for us to present something.. When we reach there, Almost everyone from the village came out of their houses and rush in the hall... Amazing.... We sang a few songs, played some games and also gave a little message to them... We brought foods and daily supplies for them too... I was really amazed by their talent actually... Every single one of them can sing really well... When they gather to sing betapa hatiku, it was like a choir singing... Beautiful...

We rushed back and reach at 6pm and quickly showered to get ready for carolling... Thank God the number of houses this year reduced, if not we will drop dead already.... Carolling was awesome and my fingers were burning actually halfway through it... the church guitar strings is like cutting and hurting my fingers... I went back and immediately fall flat from a busy day...

our fatty Santa Claus... XD

my mum, friend phey theng, joel and me

Next day I worship lead for the church and realised I didnt practise myself... =P Bt I've gone through many of these and the worship went well... the OSC youth presented a dance and my drum students performed an old fashioned 24 solar drum presentation!! I was just testing them and getting them ready to perform 2moro... And they did really great, hope they will do well too 2moro... 2moro will be the big Christmas Eve Dinner organized by our church... There will be 300 people attending this dinner and I hope everything will go well.... I did some decorations and will post it up another day... Including pictures of my students playing solar drums... FIN

Monday, December 22, 2008


JoEl EdWaRd~

The rules:
1. Link to your tagger and post this rules.
2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
3. Tag four (4) people at the end of this post and list their names.

1) THE ALL TIME FACT ABT ME IS............... I LOVE MUSIC!!!!!!!!
2) I am a MAN UNITED fan! whoa!!!!!
3) I love 2 sleep and laze around.
4) I dont like having a beard! yucks!
5) My friends in school sometimes think i'm scary.....sometimes quiet..........and sometimes nuts!
6) The one thing I will cherish 4 life is a friend tat will stick by me through thick and thin
7) i dont have a thing 4 reading books...... but if i wan 2 read sumtin, i will go all out 2 read it!
8) Last but not least.......Everyday I thank God 4 the family I have!

I tag:-
Hmmm....... I tag anyone who is inspired 2 write 8 facts of their own self!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Something to cheer U up.

- Josн Wong (LJ) -

Here are a few blonde jokes to lighten up your day\night :)

1) A blonde arrives at work one morning crying hysterically. Her concerned boss asks, 'What's the matter?'
'Early this morning,' the blonde replies, 'I got a phone call saying that my mother had passed away.'
'I'm terribly sorry to hear that,' her boss says. 'Why don't you go home for the day - we're not that busy, and you need the time off to relax and rest.'
'No,' the blonde replies calmly, having regained composure, 'I'd be better off here. Work will take my mind of my mother's death.'
'Okay,' the boss agrees. 'If you need anything, just let me know.'
A few hours pass and the boss decides to check on the blonde. He looks out from his office and sees her bawling her eyes out. 'Are you going to be okay?' he asks. 'Is there anything I can do?'
'No,' the blonde replies. 'I just got a call from my sister, and she said that HER mom died too!'

2) A blonde woman enters the breast stroke division of the English Channel swim competition and on the day of the event finds herself competing with a brunette and a redhead.
They race, and the brunette comes in first while the redhead comes in second. The blonde woman finally reaches shore completely exhausted. After being revived with blankets and coffee she says,'I don't want to accuse anyone of cheating, but I think I saw those other two girls use their arms.'

3) Two blondes are walking down the street when one of them looks down and finds a mirror. She picks it up, looks into it, and says, 'WOW! I know this person. I've seen this person somewhere before...'
The other blonde says, 'Give me a look at that,' taking the mirror from her friend. She looks into it, and says, 'Duh, of course you've seen that person before. That's me!'

4) A young ventriloquist is touring Australia and one night he's doing an RSL show out in the suburbs. He starts going through his usual dumb blonde jokes with his dummy on his knee when a blonde woman in the fourth row stands on her chair and starts shouting,
'I've heard enough of your stupid blonde jokes. What makes you think you can stereotype woman that way? What does the colour of a person's hair have to do with her worth as a human being? It's guys like you who keep woman like me from being respected at work and in community and from reaching our full potential as people. Because you and your kind continue to perpetuate discrimination against not only blonde, but women in general... and all in the name of your so called "Humour"!'
The embarrased ventriloquist begins to apologise, but the blonde shouts him down.
'You stay out of this, mister!,' she yells. 'I'm talking to that little bastard on your knee.'


9 Facts about myself!

- audrey -

Why 8 facts??..random number ppl!!..i shall list 9..muahaa

Random facts:

1. i love animals..i have a thing for snakes, horses, orang utans and dolphins..love em

2. i have to have music on when doing work..or anything at all..silence wont do

3. i'm fairly sporty..love a good exercise. jungle tracking. golf. up for any sports

4. would love to learn how to dance. ballroom. hip hop. latin. anything!

5. i am very shy and timid when among people i dont know yet. takes me some time to open up

6. i love the beach and everything that has to do with it. flip flops!!. surfing(wanna learn). water sports..etc

7. i'm a man u fan. use to play football everyday. was a total tomboy before. wouldn't go near skirts! still a little iffy about them lol

8. i have a weird thing for the country attitude. cowboys. farms. cows. horse-riding

9. i have a soft spot for babies and toddlers..

hope these are random enough..lol..

8 Facts about Myself

- Jösн Wöng (LJ) -

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2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
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1) I've got an interest in Classical Music, esp music by Bach, Mozart, Chopin, and Prokofiev.
2) I'm currently teaching piano in CH, so if interested plz call me :D HAaha
3) I Love sports! Esp Tennis, Golf, and Badminton. Now I would like to try Ice hockey, and Squash
4) I Love animals except for frogs and lizards. If a frog jumped on me I'd scream like a girl :) Hah! ask audrey, its true :|
5) Er I plan to go on a backpacking trip with Audrey to Europe. Germany, France, Italy. Audrey wants to go to Greece!
6) Football team?? I support who ever is wining ('',)
7) Uhm I entered the 3rd International ASEAN Chopin Piano Competition and got my butt whooped out of the first round! Haahaa
i tag:
Whoever feels they should be tagged. |..|_

8 Facts about Myself


The rules:
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2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
3. Tag four (4) people at the end of this post and list their names.

1) I LOVE music, and musical instruments as well as learning them...
2) I LOVE to play sports... any kind of sports!!! except golf and hockey....
3) I LOVE to stay in front of the computer the whole day and just do nonsense....
4) I once won my national service juggling competition!!!
5) I support Man United!!!! too....
6) Im a banana if u knw wat tat means..... XD
7) I love arts bt nt really good at it... Bt if I really spend time doing it something nice will come out...
8) I love pets and gardening!!! random huh.... bt i rarely do gardening coz my mum does it...
I tag:
I tag myself!!!! XD

8 Facts about Myself

Wene june~

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1) I LOVE guitars and is addicted to it.
2) I LOVE my PS!!! haha but not addicted to it.
3) I LOVE to worship lead...and make music for the Lord
4) I hate, and hate back stabbers
5) I support Man United!!!! (Glory, Glory Man United!!!)
6) I love sports, name it and ill play it
7) I've handled an M-16 before (Jacinta, not copying u but its true), police cadet camp!
8) I love to go jamming wiv frenes, wun mind jammin wiv strangers
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8 Facts about Myself


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2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
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1) I LOVE to dance! Hip hop, jazz, lyrical...you name it.
2) I LOVE roller coasters...basically I'm trying to say that I love things that are fast.
3) I LOVE to lead worship...and make music for the Lord
4) It takes me some time to open up fully to people (guess I just wanna be sure first)...but once I do, you won't be able to get rid of me! LOL
5) I'm allergic to dust mites, peanuts, and Cockroaches...can you believe it?!?
6) I love the outdoors...snorkeling, camping, trekking
7) I've handled an M-16 before (30 bullets)....that was cool!
8) I can't live overseas because I'd miss my mum, dad and brother TOO MUCH.

I tag:
Anyone who's reading this?!? Dunno who to tag la Jen...hehe

8 Facts about yourself


The rules:

1. Link to your tagger and post this rules.
2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
3. Tag four (4) people at the end of this post and list their names.

1) I'm crazy about musical instruments
2) I can cry by watching sad movies(just too embarrassed to show it)
3) I'm a sucker for chocolates
4) I don't understand myself sometimes
5) I don't mind holding earth worms(I like it when it crawls in my hand)
6) I love having sweet dreams
7) I can wake up straight away after the alarm clock rings
8) Love reading mangas

I tag :
The Garaje Frios bloggers

Camp testimony


This was the best camp I attended so far...Totally awesome!As they've all mention below...
I first came to this camp all blurr as usual.Not very outgoing type of person.But as the days go by,I slowly improved.Lol...I'm talking like a retard person.Anyway,for the first day when I arrive in Ipoh for the camp.Everyone was like introducing themselves.Then I kinda forgot all their name a few minutes later.Thank God that the camp was 6 days,or else I won't be able to remember the names of great friends I met in that camp.Jared Tan,Audrey Wong,Joshua Wong,Joel Edward,Jacinta Edward.OMG!!U GUYS R SOOOOO TALENTED!!God gave us all musical talents,so we gotta keep using them or else we'll loose them.(WARNING!USE IT OR LOOSE IT!)
Oh and by the way,Jacinta and Joshua are also great dancers.Gifted dancers.Great dancing with you guys.Although the warming up is quite torturing,but we manage didn't we?Keep dancing for the Lord.
Through this camp,I not only get to make new friends but I also learnt a lot of lessons.I learnt a few Swahili words like Umoja,Uzeema,Jamii etc.And each word there's a meaning to it and a teaching.That we always discuss in our team during morning devotions.It's so nice to spend time with our Lord in the morning and He really does give us strengh for each day.And it's also nice to worship the Lord with other brothers and sisters in Christ.The fellowship was there and I really enjoyed it.
I hope and pray that some day we will meet up and jam for the Lord!I really hope that I'll be there for the next camp.Can't wait to see you guys again.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I guess It's my turn ('',)

- Jøsн Wøng (LJ) -

Well I guess its my turn, My first time posting a blog too! First of all thank u guys for including me in this!
Camp, camp, camp. Everyone is talking about camp. So I guess i'll do the same. Well honestly I wasn't scared or nervous about it. Somehow I knew it was going to be fun.
DAY 1 : So the Cameron Highlanders were one of the first few to arrive. I saw Jared, and kind of remembered him. Somehow I remember Jacinta too. Day 1 waz super tiring esp with the treasure hunt. Sleeping was impossible with all d mossies. Cover your legs and they bite your hands. Cover your hands they bite your face. Cover your face and you can't breathe?!

DAY 2 : Workshop day! Haha, 1 reason I chose dance : Audrey and Elucia said they could never picture me dancing :) Well everyone was wondering what kind of dance we were gonna do. We saw the Urban Groove ppl, n Joel and I were like "Can we join d choir?" Haaha. But I think by the end of the day I was quite happy it was Hip Hop dancing. 5 hours of dancing is a real good workout too.
In the morning, I became closer with my team members. Esp with Jeff and Suet ming, our Drama King and Drama Queen. Having Tony as our facilitator was a real blast!

DAY 3 : The funnest day of the camp, where d Polar Express claim d Captain Ball Crown! HAaha. What a joy to see real team work. With Seut Ming, Naomi and Tony as our cheerleaders, doing the wave! We were d only team with ppl cheering. HAaha. The praise and worship we had was a blast, I really liked the one lead by Jared! Total fun worshipping JC. Wah, more to celebrate, our team was the Boggle Champion :)

DAY 4 : More workshops! Great day, Had so much fun dancing With Jen, Jac and Joel. JAC & JEN UR D HIP HOP QUEENS! Haaha. What was cool was that last 3 sessions, we didnt focus on the routine but instead the trainers taught us something else about hip hop dancing. Learning Locking was a real fun, btw watch Hilti and Bosch Lock on youtube , So cool!! Break dancing is seriouly tuff, very physically very challenging.

DAY 5 : CONCERT NIGHT! almost 12 hours workshop sessions, and everyone prepares for d concert. Luckily Jared, Wene June, Joel n I didnt kena make up : Honestly the most enjoyable performances were the praise and worship lead by Sunita, Regina, Steph and Pat, and also the mime!! Never knew how you could spread d gospel through mime. I'm sure I can say for everyone it was touching!

Ye know the 7 of us should really meet up again and jam together. What a Joy. Keep in mind that everyone of us has been choosen by God to glorify his name through music! So we need to involve ourselves in d praise and worship as much as possible no matter where no matter when.

So Lastly, hope we can all keep in touch, and Aud and I will see u guys next year!! |..|_

Not Just Chilling..


Two years ago, i attended a DYC camp in port dickson. Had the best time ever. Made some awesome friends. This year i was very much looking forward to going. Persuaded five other ppl from the very quiet C.Highlands to join me. Dont think anyone of us regretted it.

First day of camp. i think all six of us felt out of place. not socilaling much..shyshy. Was very happy though to see old friends i met two years ago.

Workshops. once we got involved with it, we started having a little fun. =DD..we opened up to everyone. i started come out of my shell. meeting ppl like Jared and Wene June put me at ease. spending many hours singing and jamming together was awesome. i was comfortable enjoying music. Then seeing old church members there (Chelsea, Suet Meng and Charissa) was refreshing.

One of the best part of camp was the P&W. it was uplifting, exhilarating, fun, touching, and soo much more. i praise the Lord for giving me that chance to worship Him with all my might together with fellow passionate and talented children of God. Coming from a church with a laidback feel, energetic and moving worship was what i craved and needed.

i know the Lord sent me to that camp for purpose. Encouraging me to keep chasing after Him n hang on to Him for dear life. To not give up on sharing the Word with friends. And to trust Him completely in everything i do.

once again i came away from camp not dissappointed. i made double the number of friends i did the last time. with only a hand full of Christian youths in CH i now have a whole group of ppl to rejoice with. I'm truely grateful and thank the Lord for that

By the last day of camp, i was actually very sad to leave these ppl. i wasn even thinking of home. for a moment during the last camp gathering i cudn remember wad my mum looked like. i was having that much fun.

In conclusion. i'm very happy to have met u guys and cant wait to jam and worship with guys again. i went into camp not expecting too much, and came out with friends that i know i'll have for a long long time.

God Bless u all!


Joel Edward~

AS u can see, all my friends have wrote sumtin bout camp. As the title goes, this is my part of the story! I left my little home in Penang and reached Ipoh. It was a bit scary. I knew no one except 4 my sis and the priest. The day went by, and i saw a group of ppl from St. Mark's. At the same time, i oso saw 2 guys wearing striped shirts almost clinging on to each other. My first impression was," Fuyoh! Look at this ppl! super havoc la! etc".

As the days went by, i really got to know these ppl very well. Of course by this time,my list of friens grew from 0 to abt 60! Ppl may say that they met knew friends, but I say that God let me meet these friens. The fact is, i could really identify with the problems tat my friends were facing. Lacking in the word of God, not playing in a band 4 a very long time, etc.

During tat time, i oso met fantastic musicians who were our faci's as we like to call them! DJ JUnior and Matthew. These guys along wit my friens gave me encouragement to go on playing 4 God! In the first place, I did not want to come 4 camp. I told my mom I wanted to sleep and not go 4 camp. This is exactly why i say God let me meet these friens of mine.

By the last day, me and my group of friends became so close we didnt want 2 leave. I can think of only 2 reasons why:-
1) we were building close bonds
2) we were the hottest band in camp!

So, this is my part of the story! I went for camp with no aim and came back with one! Tat is to keep on praying tat i will be able to meet up with these guys and play with them or play 4 God in any church! These r my friens and i hope they will be a blessing to u as they have been to me!

met tonnes and tonnes of frenes, but nothing like the few best frenes i met in camp

wene june~~

Hey, seeing everyone posted sumtin so juz posted this lar... but seriously, never met frenes dat gud before. I posted this to let u guys knw wad i experienced with frenes through music in this camp.

I still remember how i met Jared.. haha. During the choir workshop lunch break, i and Joel had to lar, play some MUSIC!!! so we were like jammin in the room, thn Jared came, teaching Joel some stuff bout bass, thn Joel was like whisperin to me, WTH!!! this guy is damn gud!!! lol.. so he passed the bass to Jared thn we jammed till after the break we were still jammin!!! Matthew also opened up the room so dat everyone could see us.. was so damn fun. i think Daniel Jackson wanted us to have fun so he resumed the class quite late.

playing during da lunch break

Well, it was only thn i tought of getting those guys to lead P&W for the following day, so i and Joel went to imform Sunita akka bout it and gave us the slot for the morning the next dayy!! well, we couldn't find a worship leader so we got Jacinta to lead... haha, luckily she agreed, after Joel begged her for how many times... so the band was like this... Jacinta leading, I on guitars, Jared on bass, Joel on drums and Jennifer on the keyboard... The practise went on well and slept well that night too... but pity Joel, he couldn't sleep cuz thinkin too much bout da practise session...

Of cuz, da P&W session went on well, and we wanted another session, but sunita said nid to giv others a chance... lol but finally, she gave us a slot on the morning of concert night... I wanted to lead, but due to some problem... hehe(sore throat) Jared lead and chose some havoc songs... oin dat morning, for the first time in my life, i used distortion (overdrive) on my guitar for P&W!!! lol. sounds soooo nice and for all the songs, we made all the youths jumping and praising the Lord!!! was like the semangat sudenly came.... I muz admit, dat was the best P&W session ive ever experienced.. I was and also proud to say dat we did a gud job.. all of us.. Jared and I on guitars, Audrey(drummer chick) on drums, and Joel on bass... ive forgotten who was on bongos

But the best was still the jamming session after concert night!!! Shireen only gave us untill 12 sumtin, so we used dat time to of cuz.. .jamm agian lol. Jenny chin (i think who is the manager of the Psalmist Generation band and a fascilitator) came and requested one way, jesus... we played and sang, and jacinta started to dance!!!! haha

TOO many things to share lar.. lazy to type... i cut out to choir part... so anyone pls help me to complete this??? hahahahahaha

Once again, i would like to thank everyone for lettin me hav this experience which i think will not come again soon....
cheers to all of u!!!

Watch us Move! =D


Hey! This is the video of some of us dancing at camp on concert night!!!
Video recording courtesy of Jared...thanks to his steady hand!
Haha...hope you enjot it! =)

You can also go to this link to check the dance out:


My First Ever Post...Fuyoh!!


Hey people! =)

Last week I was off for camp...CHILL camp at Ipoh. I didn't really feel up to it at first and felt like I had made the wrong decision to go. First few hours were a bit wierd because it was only my brother and I from our church. But in just that one week that I was there...friendships were created.

I met a bunch of really cool, talented, all-for-Christ dudes and dudettes. Namely Joshua Wong, Audrey, Jennifer, Jared, Joshua Foong and so many others!!! The most memorable time for me was that one morning when I worship led. I wasn't supposed to...but I guess they couldn't find anyone else. I think it was the best decision they made...haha.

Truth be told, I had forgotten how powerful worship could be before that....being in a church where everything is pretty much dead. But on that morning, I really did feel the presence of the Lord surrounding us...like He was holding use safe in His arms.

I've struggled a lot in this past year...struggled with my relationship with God. Week in week out, I go to church like a zombie and come back...feeling empty. Everyday is just another day without Jesus being the center of my life. At camp, I learnt that everthing I do is a wordhip offering to God...be it reading the Bible or even studying for exams. That is why it is so important to make sure our actions, words and thoughts are always pure. It does say in the Bible that our body is the temple of the Lord!

So, my New Year's resolution is to get back with God and NOT take Him for granted! I want to be a shining light in this world and a good example of a Christian.

I just want to end this post by saying...THANK YOU to all my new friends from camp and the wonderful facilitators for encouraging me by your ways and words...Love you guys!!!

my redeemer lives!!!


My redeemer lives!!! woohoo!!! this video is a new way to play my redeemer lives which i never seeeen before... thanx to joshua foong... haha!!! I asked him to post his own video bt he gt some problems and mayb camera shy... XD anyway he modified from master of puppets by metalica... tats awesome dude!! keep playing and ull have more new intros... XD

What Makes A Malaysian A Malaysian

wene june...
just to see whether u think its true~~

You can name all the players from the the English Premier
League, but ask you to name one football player from Malaysia ,
one name also cannot come out.

When StreamyX come, you complain StreamyX too slow.
When Maxis Broadband come, you complain Maxis
Broadband always disconnects. When WiMax come, you
complain Wimax too expensive. In the end, you say
StreamyX still the best lah.

When toll price increase, you complain. When petrol price increase,
you complain. When you go Starbucks buy RM10 coffee, NO

When you cannot find parking in a shopping mall and have
to walk very far, you complain. When you go inside the
shopping mall and there's SALE , run from one end of 1
Utama to the other also NO COMPLAINTS.

You are always late. And the excuse you give when you're late is
always either: (a) traffic jam (b) no transport or (c) cannot find

You have a parent who force you to take science stream in
high school, study engineering in Uni, then when you
graduate, they ask you to forget everything you learnt in
Uni and do commerce.

You know someone who can specially develop an angmoh accent
when speaking to a American / British / Australian.

You complain against the government in kopitiam, you talk
loud loud. Leave anonymous comments on blogs, you also
talk loud loud. Attend ceremah by DAP, you shout loud loud.
Then when Opposition organise a protest and ask you to go,
you dun wan. Scared later kena tangkap by ISA.

Every year on the 30th April, you are one of the people below
queueing up last minute to submit your tax return at the IRB.

When you pay RM10 for something that costs RM1, you blame
the Chinese.

When a government service is too slow, you blame the Malays.

When a building is not good and collapsed, you blame the

When a Chinese student won a scholarship, you say 'Wah! Very clever
hor?' When a Malay student won a scholarship, you say 'Aiya! Of course
lah! He Malay mah!'

When an angmoh stranger kiss you on the cheek to say hello,
you very happy. When a Malaysian guy kiss you on the cheek
to say hello, you slap him - so humsup wan!

Thats what you get when you let your heart win....


Once upon a time, there was a 15 year old boy who met a girl same as his age....

He asked her out one day to go to the movies as in a date...

When he went out that day, he was so properly dressed and so excited...
His dad saw him going out so he asked him,

"Son where are you going??"

"To the mall dad to watch a movie," replied the son..

"Oh are u going out alone??" asked dad..

"Nope im going with a girl, her name is Jane," said the son..

"Thats great Son... Is it going to be a date??"

"Yarp," answered the son in a shy tone..

"Son, do you like her??" asked dad..

"yes I do dad.."

"Do you love her???" asked dad again..

"Im nt sure dad, its only our first date," the son said confused...

"So are you telling me that you are going to date a girl which you are not sure of loving her or nt?? by means you are not sure she is your future wife then??"

"yes dad," he replied..

"this means to say that you are dating someone else's future wife??"

"its possible," Son said....

"which means your future wife is out there somewhere dating other guys??" asked dad

"it may be true..."

"okay son, if your future wife is dating someone else, would u tell him to take good care of your future wife??" asked dad in slow tone..

"yes definitely..." said the son...

"What if he hurt or did something to your future wife??? What would you do to him??" asked dad again...

"I would BOX him in the face," replied Son angrily...

"HAHA!!! Okay likewise, what if u hurt or did something to your date which is other people's future wife??" he asked again...

"I guess he would box me??"

"Go son, you're ready for your date..." replied dad satiesfied....

THis story really hit me right in the face.... and gt me thinking on how to be a better person... ;P
One sentence, time and distance determines how much the person loves you..... FIN

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

garaje frios!!!!!


hey!!! its our 1st blog together!!!

oh well basically if you dunno wat garaje frios means, it means garage chillers!! cool huh... XD
anyway guys u can start blogging here if u wan and ill edit it later when im free... Ill find a nice background for u guys....

and we gt 7 people in this blog!!! Jared thats me, Joel, Joshua Wong, Joshua Foong, Jacinta, Jennifer Chin and Audrey!!!!

Anyway guys if you post something, write ur name on top 1st so tat we can knw who writes wat.. Ill put in the chatbox later....