Friday, February 27, 2009

hello blog, how u been?


it has A while! whoosh. finally found the time to sit down and blog a bit. lots has happened since the last blog. i can see im not the only whose been lazy to blog. kudos to jared tan who keep this blog alive. congrats to him for landing in the land of Oz in one piece. (God Bless.take care.dont get aussie slang) wonder where the rest of u guys are..?_?..jacinta!joel! where y'all la..(happy bday joel!) wene june still in china?..jennifer, how ur post spm days goin?..

as mentioned much has happened. moved house. adapting to new house. trying to make it home. getting there. cny was great fun. had a blast with a posse of cousins. sch's been busy with sports. stpm is busyfying as it is. intense stuff man. exams are round the corner. disecting bugs here and there. then there was Valentine's Day. i'll never forget that day. the dullest day of my life this year. i had to laugh man. hope u guys had a better v day than me. *wink wink*..and now a new..task of mine = babysitting!..a adorable beautiful baby girl. life's basically on a role at the mo. and loving it. well at least trying to.

34 days. 34 DAYS! australia baby!! jared im coming!! cant wait man. *we're gonna have a good time* (fat albert style)

i hope all of u guys are still jamming for the Lord. i assume we all are. yes?. keep on rocking chillers!we'll be jamming together-gether one day again. hopefully. those who havent blogged in long long time faster blog!!..wan know wad u guys are up to. check whether u guys atill alive of not. =S. move it move it! so from one A to five Js, much of God's love,joy and blessings, holla when ur in Camerons! =D

Wednesday, February 18, 2009



Crazy so far!!!! Had been really busy with packing and on Sunday nite finally boarded the plane to Brisbane!!! Bt I had to transit in singapore at midnite... It was definitely very good to have an experience travelling urself until australia... Bt my mom asked them for assistance... Meaning that someone will follow me until I reach there in Brisbane airport safely.. I thought at 1st the same person will follow me, bt as we change flights there were many who helped me... Being assisted is definitely nice, being 1st in line to board the plane after the old folks on wheel chairs, escorted everywhere u go and others... Downside to it was going down plane time, u have to wait until everyone disembark the plane then only u can go.. zzz.. Besides, I had to go to a waiting room when transit time full of old folks needing assistance... T.T

the sarawakian girl who assisted me in KLIA

zz old folks in waiting room....

I arrived early and was the 1st to check-in my big luggage... lol.... they waive me for 10kg which means i gt 30kg for my baggage!! Lucky i stuffed in alot stuffs... HAHA....

one big bag, one bagpack and one laptop bag

So friends finally arrived at 7.. A bunch of my old cf friends, including soph and also a bunch of my frisbee teammates came... We talked awhile and took pictures with each other... Sadly no chance to take with soph only... I was like in the rush to go to the gate... T.T

frisbee gang...

my close friends in college

with the girls.... and sexy soph... Xd

changi airport... When i was here, I wonder is really David WOng my lect works as the project manager here... LOL

On the plane, I had supper and breakfast served!! woohoo.... and before supper I had wine.. wah I tell you very nice the wine, drink ady feel like sleeping.. T.T Bt i force myself to stay awake coz i was eating supper and watching high school musical 3... ><

my supper!!!

High School Musical!!!

So arrived in the morning in Brisbane... And Im just thankful that there were people of UQ to recieve me... So a fat guy drove me with some other students to their respectives place of stay... I was 1st to get down btw....

with other UQ students...

So thats about it so far... My room is nt bad everything is provided.. except theres no fan and pillow.. T.T So during noon its pretty hot bt it has been raining for the pass 2 days... So np.... And my house mate are all girls.... hahaha..... I think 2moro theres a guy moving in and cant wait to meet him.. Have been to the city of Brisbane which is so huge!!! twice the size of bukit bintang man... I almost gt lost bt i managed to find my way... lol.... wish me luck as i try to find my way to UQ 2moro... Cheerz!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Busy Busy March..


Hey,It's been quite some time since I blogged in..So far I can only see Jared posting..Lol.Anyway,This coming March will be a tight month for me..It's gonna be a really busy month for me.

28th Feb - 1st March
The Star Education fair in PISA Penang.I'll be attending it of course with all my school mates and a church friend.Hopefully,by God's grace,I'll be able to get a suitable college and scholarship for it.

5th March
My DRIVING TEST!!Yikes..I hope I pass..

6th-13th March
Will be away in Johor to visit my formal priest and his family.I miss them so much T.T Hopefully I'll get to meet Sunita and Daniel there ^.^ You guys should know them.

13th March????
SPM results coming out.Maybe..(nervous)

16th March
My Piano grade 8 theory exam(nervous)

23rd March
'Train the Trainers' Youth leader conference.Hopefully I'll be attending.

28th March
Upper Northen Archdeaconry Roadshow.Have fellowship with youths from different churches and get to know each other.Fun and Games and there'll be a talk about this year's theme "Transformation of Communities".If any of you guys are interested in it please email me ya??

As you can see,March is gonna be a crazy month for me..Hehe.By the way,I hope you guys like the playlist I added.Hope we meet up again in this year's camp.I'm not sure if I'll be attedning or not..GBU all and take care.

*toodles ^.'

Saturday, February 14, 2009



Happy valentines day to all of you... Especially to my loved one Sophia Lee.... Im sorry I couldnt get you anything and couldnt celebrate it with you... I just want to wish you a happy valentines and hope that you will be delightful on this day... Im very thankful to have you to love, to care, to tease and quarrel, and to share thoughts together. It has been a wonderful relationship so far and I couldnt have wished for more.. (wa like write farewall letter XD) All I hope now is to love you for as long as I can and if possible forever... I know things are still early and we might not meet for a very long time, but we will try to make things work out... People always say that long distance relationship will never work, well this is the time to prove to people and to test how much we love each other.... Tell the world that we can do it... I love you Soph....

So much for a valentine so far, just went out and came back for a drink with my friends and we just yap alot on previous stuffs... The days that we miss each other in class, the way we quarrel and so many things!!! Now I wish I could have get to know them better but theres still time in future if i do come back and meet them again... What wonderful friends they are, especially See Loon, Koon Zee and Pei Jing, and so many other friends..... Hope we will meet again someday, hopefully by end of this year I will definitely track u guys down... =P Cant wait u guys to tell me about ur college lifes again....

God bless you all!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

sickedy sick!!


Last Saturday I couldnt sleep the whole nite till morning coz of flu... flu and running nose for the whole nite and have been sneezing for hundreds of times... zzz.. i wanted to skip church bt then force myself to go but in the end struggle myself to stay alive and aware in church... Came back and had a fever and slept till nite... Thank God had fever before going Australia..

Neway found out a new good Malaysian song... nice and simple to play on the guitar if u wan to learn it... Title is Stay by Estrella... check it out yea.... ^.<


Saturday, February 7, 2009

new adventure???


Hmm.... Most of my friends who are going australia would say its a new adventure, for example if they are leaving on 14th of february, their pm would be " 14th Feb, a new adventure~~"
I was wandering whether mine would be one too, after a great experience in Inti College, definitely I expect more..

I remember the time when I finished National Service, was really looking forward to college, what lies ahead of me, really excites me. Meeting new friends, freaking out, lots and lots of activities and also new study experience... In fact i never really expect myself to be ended up in Inti.. Likewise Uni of Queensland... Was always looking forward to UNSW..

SO what do I expect in Australia?? Lets see....

I want a taste of Australian football... Recently in the news ex-England star Robbie Fowler moved to some Queensland club, and I am just so eager to play in Australia... I may not be as good as Australians, but I want to promise myself to train and become as good as them... Thats just totally my dream since I was a little kid...

I hope my studies schedule will not be so tight, like Inti in my 1st few sems... I just hate going for 8am class and its always empty coz most classmates will be sleeping... zzz...

Im looking forward to play in a band... I came to inti not knowing that I would pick up the bass and drums... And to get into a band being the bassist is just overwhelming... Well my ex-band, Four Quarter Sinners found a new bassist after I left, and they are joining Battle of the Bands this year, wish them best of luck!! And also Im looking forward to play in church band... THis is the place where I can really grow and learn lots more.... ^^

I want another new jersey with my name printed out!!! Last time out I represented Inti in frisbee and i gt a jersey numbered zero... Dont know why i chose zero... (*cause ur number 7 gt taken... shh!!!)

Theres lots more I expect but these are the main ones... I am extremely excited of Australia... YO final preparations!! Gambate.....