Tuesday, January 27, 2009

woo!!! in airport now

~~wene june~~

usin my netbook to blog in airport while waitin for plane... lol
so damn sien... the bladdy airport security confiscated my contact lens ubat!!!! dunno how to take them off and wear them later..... also scared of china products... haha
neways, gonna post pics as soon as i reach china... plane here!!!! finally... chao

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

~~wene june~~

Juz to post sumtin before i go for my China trip..
im now waitin in KLIA airport... nth to do... ish, summore today 1st day of CNY, many shops closed.
Juz want to wish all of u a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year...
will try to get souveniers for u guys... da only prob is how to pass them to u...
neways... uncle wanna use his PDA le... chao

Saturday, January 24, 2009



i miss INTI
i miss going to academic block for lectures
i miss doing calculations and applications
i miss walking the INTI overhead bridge and look at the posters hanging around about the current events
i miss Inti Christian Fellowship
i miss going to cg every friday
i miss my christian friends in Inti
i miss my chinese speaking classmates
i miss my roomie Fred and Alex
i miss playing and worship leading in CF
i miss playing dota in block F
i miss eating mamak stalls at 4am in the morning
i miss Inti's most famous Ramly burger
i miss playing frisbee on tuesdays and thursdays
i miss going swimming in the Inti Olympic size swimming pool
i miss going to Grace Family Banting Church
i miss playing cho tai ti in my room with friends
i miss the slow internet connection in Inti
i miss my gf
i miss inti....

Oh well, trip back to Inti definitely gave me lots of memories... New challenges coming up ahead in Australia.. And I hope it will bring good memories to me too...

Trip back making me quite emo and I started looking online for emo songs. And I found one nt new bt nt so old song, titled 'Akustatik' by O@G... Here's the chorus...

Kau umpama merpati putih
Patah sayapnya di udara
Kau umpama merpati putih
Patah sayapnya di udara

hmm the song really gt me in the mood bt its up to u all how u all interpret it. Go listen to O@G songs if ur really emo.. Very nice trust me... ^^

BTW Happy Chinese New Year to all the chinese yea!!! I wont be online for one whole week coz will be celebrating in Taiping.. If gt anything just msg me on my fon...


Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Jared** (starry?? XD)

Hows the new layout guys!!! I love it but some say its abit girly, some say very nice, and some say y so starry??? LOL

I was gna change it into another one but then cant really find a suitable one.. Theres one with a cool headphone background bt cant seem to fit out header in it.. And by the way we should thank Jennifer for the header.. HEHE.. Good job girl...

Anyway will be travelling to KL tomoro by train then to Nilai back to my college!! Visit my gf and also some other friends and also play ULTIMATE!!! which is a game of frisbee I miss playing.. ^^

Comment on the layout yea, especially the guys... XD


Sunday, January 18, 2009

What's My next step gonna be?


Jared's not the only who is free you know?I'm still waiting for my SPM result..OMG.Anyway,I do miss school a bit,all my schoolmates and classmates are off some where.(sigh)
While doing that,I'm learning how to drive..hehe.Never drove in my life but surprsingly I can.Wee..

Most people ask me:
*"So are you gonna work while you wait for your SPM results?"
*"What are your plans for you future?"
*"What are you gonna study?"
*"Where are you gonna study?"
*I'm not gonna work yet.
*I donno,only God knows
*I'm not sure,my dream is to go Australia to study,if cannot then Singapore,if still cannot then KL."

So bloggers,could you help me out a little?Maybe you have a little advice you wanna share?
I'm hoping to find a place where I can study and work part time over-seas or something like that.

In the mean time,I'm watching Bleach..Hehe..Bleach Marathon...muahahaha..Me love it...Everything's too good to be true,that's what I like about it.Hehe..

GBU all!!Peace~*

Friday, January 16, 2009


~~wene june~~

hey!! was tooo busy to even open up this blog, so decided to post sumtin..
neways, now i understand why ppl say form 4,5 teachers are very clever... clever in curi tulang!!! hahaha...Till now i haven even met my Bio teacher!!!!!! 1st term test comin round the corner le ler... haizzz... dunno how im gonna survive Bio...

Neways, it was darn cool and fun to be in form 4... discipline in my skul is not soooo tight as few yrs before... The only and one and only thing that suck is my hair kena cut by DISCIPLINE!!!! stupid teacher, he knws my mom, so he purposely sut my hair shorter... later that day whn i went the saloon, the stylist said too short so have to slope up ler...

And one more thing that was soooo niceee... I cant believe i wqorship led in front of bishop during our church's induction service... but... had to sing a Tamil song cuz it was a combined service wiv tamil congregation... i was singing the song without knwing the meaning,... haha..

so everything is fine.... and i wun be around for a week during CNY cuz im goin China... my grandma's hometown.. haha...


Thursday, January 15, 2009

"The Life Of a School Boy"


SCHOOL HAS REOPEN!!! SXI couldn't have been more welcoming. As I entered the school, there were more parents then there were students. But the fun part was the blurness on the faces of the Form 1's. It reminded me of my first day of school. Then, I met up with my posse. THE DISCIPLINARIANS! The form 1's feared us as we walked down the corridor. It was like being in a movie. Haha! I got to know my teachers and met some new friends.

The next fun part was during recess duty. By the end of last year, we could only cough up about 7 monitors to come for duty. The teacher showed her dissatisfaction by telling us," You guys should get more moniters!". This year...... we got 44 monitors to come down. and now she says," You guys should find a way to decrease the number!".....=_=..... The first two weeks has been quite hectic? yup, quite hectic. But the real work will start when PMR is nearer. God bless all of you and take care! Byez..........

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Australia Australia Australia~~~


Oh well, nobody is updating the blog coz all busy with school and college. Well I guess Im the only one free here... XD 1 more month to go till I fly to Australia. And i dont know why Im nt nervous at all!! And Ill be going there alone all by myself, just hoping everything will go fine.

Preparations are still going on especially my acommodation, have been trying to book it since last december and thank God they are processing it now. Shoppings done, clothes, new shoe all ready for Australia and CHinese New Year!! woohoo!!!

Well I cant really say much here and dont knw what to update to u all. Have been sitting down in front of the laptop for the whole day for 1 week plus already. Have been playing dota, fly for fun and downloading shows to watch. ONE PIECE!!! great old anime and manga which I just started to watch. Addicted to it already.. LOL!!

Oh well have been playing guitar alot too since Im so bored. And oh yea im in love with paramore. Trying to learn to play their songs and also trying to ask my friend to do a drum cover of one of paramore's songs to put it here.. ^^ Hope to hear from you guys soon about school and others.. If you guys love short cartooon, watch Doodlez on youtube.. XD I knw someone is a youtube addict here.. HAHA!! FIN

Friday, January 2, 2009



another year gone by. whooosh. another year to tackle. whuuush. gotta grow up. more. important decisions to be made. seriousness required. intense situations to be faced. Lord help me. hope this year goes by fast. !!.

2009 resolutions.
1. get through form 6 in one piece.
2. bury my habit of laziness.
3. figure out what the Lord wants me to do with my life.
4. finish 12 long and complicating bio practical experiments without losing my mind
5. get better on the guitar.
6. let go of Chefoo and move on.
7. pay attention to important things
8. willingly and joyfully use my talents for the Lord.
9. dont complain too much
10. be content with myself
11. be a witness for the Lord
12. actually fulfill these resolutions

i wish all 5 of u a very..special new year. may this one be an eye-opening, life-teaching, life changing, ''strengthening-your-relationship-with-God''- ing, self-discovering, soul-searching, accomplishing new year. time to concur y'all!..=DD

may the Lord bless each and every one of u abundantly. stay close to Him!

much love. audrey

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New year Resolutionsss...


I have been thinking for quite sometime and finally i listed down a few resolutions that i think i really want for this new 2009 year....

1. To learn to play the violin... wanted to last year but didnt have the chance..

2. To be able to sing like the last few years.. Having trouble with catching my breath.. At the end of last year had been sick and until now whenever I sing im alwayz out of breath i dont knw y...

3. To play football regularly... I love football bt because of my parents strictness, I cant represent my school in it... zzz....

4. To get better results in Australia for my degree studies... Rated genius in spm bt in college i suck... Duno y I lost my touch... Have to work harder...

5. TO just be able to read the bible frequently.. Had been neglecting it alot...

6. To have my own music album if thats possible.. ^^

7. TO learn new tricks of juggling.. There are lots of it!!!

So as been requested by jen, here is a vid of myself juggling and some kids disturbing me which I took yday.. Enjoy.. XD

PS... plz ask me again at the end of the year whether i accomplish my resolutions or nt... ^^
Happy New Year guys.... FIN