Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dance like you never danced before


It's the sandstorm! ahhh! 1st time in Brisbane but its nt as awful as the one in Sydney.. I went out early in the morning to UQ and i thought it was gna rain since it was so windy, then during my lab session i saw outside the window.. Orange! Yellow! OMGOSH! Bt I wasnt that kan cheong, calmly walk out the lab and look outside.. i was like wow sandstorm... mmmkayyy.... fascinating...

But it really wasnt as bad as in sydney... go check google and its crazy orange!

Anyway I really have been dancing a lot.. I mean A LOT! Theres the Hope Brisbane Church Anniversary Service and I'm gonna perform one anniversary dance with the team. And yesterday I found out that the Multiculfural Fiesta Dance we performed about a month ago was really a big hit, so they decided to slot in the same performance again... I was like woooowwww! Amazing Im so excited! Cant wait to give my all.. All glory to God for giving me this opportunity to serve Him in the dance ministry... I always wanted to dance, especially in camps where you have to choose workshops, I always wanted to join but ended up joining music or choir and bla bla.... Looking at staring at the dancers I was thinking, man I could do as good as them, why didnt I go for it...

Joe and his awkward freeze...

Im thankful that Im given a chance now, to shine, to be the light and the salt... And theres definitely more to come...


Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Audrey!


Hours of waiting and preparing its finally here... its your birthday and i really hope you will enjoy the rest of your day after your paper... ^^

Let me tell u the great plan that was supposed to be carried out, I was going to buy a Creative Zen mp3 player which is so awesome as it records good sound quality... I tried it and I loved it so much. So after buying it ill record a song onto it and send back to malaysia, which I will ask someone to pass it to you, most probably elucia and there will be a letter as well for her to read then play the Zen.

So that did not happen due to many unforseen reasons.. hahah.. So here it is, a vid for you which Im quite satiesfied with it... Hope u like it.... ^^

Happy birthday once again... =)