Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Audrey!


Hours of waiting and preparing its finally here... its your birthday and i really hope you will enjoy the rest of your day after your paper... ^^

Let me tell u the great plan that was supposed to be carried out, I was going to buy a Creative Zen mp3 player which is so awesome as it records good sound quality... I tried it and I loved it so much. So after buying it ill record a song onto it and send back to malaysia, which I will ask someone to pass it to you, most probably elucia and there will be a letter as well for her to read then play the Zen.

So that did not happen due to many unforseen reasons.. hahah.. So here it is, a vid for you which Im quite satiesfied with it... Hope u like it.... ^^

Happy birthday once again... =)

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