Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I have decided a week ago, to at least bless someone everyday and record it down. It feels good blessing people and putting a smile on people's face... So here are the blessings for one whole week that I have recorded:

Wednesday, 17th March:
1. Helped Joe to buy printer ink catridge

Thursday, 18th March
1. Refilled Eileen and Robyn's water bottle
2. Helped Robyn and Celine to buy stuff from Coles
3. Pray for Ah Yek for her tough life in Herston

Saturday, 20th March:
1. Cooked Hainanese Chicken rice for house warming

Sunday, 21st March:
1. Pray for Ern Tze's sis as a cyclone hits her place in Mackay

Monday, 22nd March:
1. Cooked dinner for David Lue

Wednesday, 24th March:
1. Cooked lunch for Joe
2. Walked Robyn home

God have shown me His love unto me the past 3 weeks, and from this I really want other people to feel this love too. Here are 3 very interesting situations God has blessed me in,

1. Needed a group mate for my prac, suffered doing all the group prac work and out of nowhere a guy asked me to join his group, and his name is Jared Curtis... =D

2. Carried food to church after a long and tiring day, complaining all the church works and activities that I have to do and attend, out of nowhere Luke from Ipswich stopped by with his car and helped me carry my food. =D

3. I needed 2 logbooks for my courses, to record down results and hand calculation. Searching high and low, far and wide, =P looked in shops for 3 weeks for the standard log book bt no luck, all the shops have got no stock. Out of nowhere, Faculty of Engineering staff asked me whether I wanted a log book today, Praise The Lord!!!!

How wonderful is my God! I know You are always there for me.

Thank You Jesus. *Hugs*

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Be Holy-

We bow our hearts
We bend our knees
O Spirit come make us humble
We turn our eyes from evil things
O Lord we cast down our idols

Give us clean hands
Give us pure hearts
Let us not lift our souls to another

God let us be
A generation that seeks
Seeks your face O God of Jacob

O Lord help me to be pure and clean, as I seek You more everyday and wanting to be you true disciple. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

Monday, January 18, 2010

ThRouGh My wiNdOw I CaN See, My wILdEst DrEamS cOuLd bE So ReAL~


My dream is to be a performer/rockstar/artist like this fellas....

Bunkface a Malay band rising up fast in Malaysian Music Industry singing not only Malay songs but English songs..

But this kind of dreams will not put food on my table (thats what mum always say). I shall not waste my time and parent's money.. Looking forward to going back to Brisbane and give my all
in my studies...

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry the CHRISTmas!


It has been 2 months since i last posted... ><
I think im just gna post videos to update myself...

Merry Christmas!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hope Church Brisbane 16th Anniversary!


Finally last Saturday came our church anniversary... It was really a long waited one as it was my 1st attending it and also performing in it! This year the venue was smaller than the previous year, which was in Garden City Church where Hillsongs have their service.. This time around we had it in Canonhill Anglican Church, large theatre, small stage ><

I arrived noon to have rehearsals with the dance team.. And I can tell you it was so tiring having to rehearse again and again... But I just love to perform and the excitement just kept me going all the way.... Before the performance, the girls we putting on their make up and we guys couldnt run away but just had to put on make up as well..... T.T 1st time having eye liner and a lil blush on my face and I totally look like a clown.... ><

Our opening performance was by our Worship Arts and Media (WAM) dance team and I can tell you i enjoyed performing here... The amount of people were there cheering and giving you support, tremendous feeling... all glory to God! Funny thing I did a jump split and i tore my pants in the middle... One big hole.... O.o Spot the split!

After that, every service had an opportunity to present something to represent each services.. The performances were chosen based on the best previous events that happened earlier this year. We, afternoon service did a dance in the multicultural fiesta! and it was such a big hit they asked us to perform again... This time round one of our dancers went back to Hong Kong, so we asked Becky to replace her and she's just amazing... And! this time the performance went really well, I can really tell people enjoyed our performance.. Im so proud of myself and Joe for we did the choreo, and proud that my music edits made it right up there! Its just amazing how God led His hands and use us to glorify Him... Amen!

I just cant wait to perform again! and next is the Hope Brisbane Got Talent, we auditioned last Sunday, me and Joe... Basically we did quirky stuff, juggling, ballet, nobody but you and they loved it! We are going to perform in the Afternoon Service Appreciation Dinner and Im so extremely excited... =) Definitely more to come... Cheers!

WAM dance team

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dance like you never danced before


It's the sandstorm! ahhh! 1st time in Brisbane but its nt as awful as the one in Sydney.. I went out early in the morning to UQ and i thought it was gna rain since it was so windy, then during my lab session i saw outside the window.. Orange! Yellow! OMGOSH! Bt I wasnt that kan cheong, calmly walk out the lab and look outside.. i was like wow sandstorm... mmmkayyy.... fascinating...

But it really wasnt as bad as in sydney... go check google and its crazy orange!

Anyway I really have been dancing a lot.. I mean A LOT! Theres the Hope Brisbane Church Anniversary Service and I'm gonna perform one anniversary dance with the team. And yesterday I found out that the Multiculfural Fiesta Dance we performed about a month ago was really a big hit, so they decided to slot in the same performance again... I was like woooowwww! Amazing Im so excited! Cant wait to give my all.. All glory to God for giving me this opportunity to serve Him in the dance ministry... I always wanted to dance, especially in camps where you have to choose workshops, I always wanted to join but ended up joining music or choir and bla bla.... Looking at staring at the dancers I was thinking, man I could do as good as them, why didnt I go for it...

Joe and his awkward freeze...

Im thankful that Im given a chance now, to shine, to be the light and the salt... And theres definitely more to come...


Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Audrey!


Hours of waiting and preparing its finally here... its your birthday and i really hope you will enjoy the rest of your day after your paper... ^^

Let me tell u the great plan that was supposed to be carried out, I was going to buy a Creative Zen mp3 player which is so awesome as it records good sound quality... I tried it and I loved it so much. So after buying it ill record a song onto it and send back to malaysia, which I will ask someone to pass it to you, most probably elucia and there will be a letter as well for her to read then play the Zen.

So that did not happen due to many unforseen reasons.. hahah.. So here it is, a vid for you which Im quite satiesfied with it... Hope u like it.... ^^

Happy birthday once again... =)