Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I have decided a week ago, to at least bless someone everyday and record it down. It feels good blessing people and putting a smile on people's face... So here are the blessings for one whole week that I have recorded:

Wednesday, 17th March:
1. Helped Joe to buy printer ink catridge

Thursday, 18th March
1. Refilled Eileen and Robyn's water bottle
2. Helped Robyn and Celine to buy stuff from Coles
3. Pray for Ah Yek for her tough life in Herston

Saturday, 20th March:
1. Cooked Hainanese Chicken rice for house warming

Sunday, 21st March:
1. Pray for Ern Tze's sis as a cyclone hits her place in Mackay

Monday, 22nd March:
1. Cooked dinner for David Lue

Wednesday, 24th March:
1. Cooked lunch for Joe
2. Walked Robyn home

God have shown me His love unto me the past 3 weeks, and from this I really want other people to feel this love too. Here are 3 very interesting situations God has blessed me in,

1. Needed a group mate for my prac, suffered doing all the group prac work and out of nowhere a guy asked me to join his group, and his name is Jared Curtis... =D

2. Carried food to church after a long and tiring day, complaining all the church works and activities that I have to do and attend, out of nowhere Luke from Ipswich stopped by with his car and helped me carry my food. =D

3. I needed 2 logbooks for my courses, to record down results and hand calculation. Searching high and low, far and wide, =P looked in shops for 3 weeks for the standard log book bt no luck, all the shops have got no stock. Out of nowhere, Faculty of Engineering staff asked me whether I wanted a log book today, Praise The Lord!!!!

How wonderful is my God! I know You are always there for me.

Thank You Jesus. *Hugs*

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